Oracle Hospitality Simphony Point-of-Sale


Oracle Hospitality Simphony Point-of-Sale

A resilient enterprise point-of-sale solution

Oracle Hospitality Simphony point-of-sale (POS) solution provides an enterprise approach, scaling from a single site to thousands of properties across brands, time zones, and even continents. Combining the latest Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) technology with robust reporting features and reliable hardware, Simphony makes even the most complex operations run smoothly.

Simphony benefits

Higher performance technology

  • Achieve seamless processes by enabling independent business functions to interact using a standard set of messages
  • Promote greater standardization and brand consistency with modifications, upgrades and enhancements made automatically to any terminal

Multi-concept model

  • Improve point-of-sale consistency with the Enterprise Management Console (EMC) that allows you to manage an entire system from a single application
  • Minimise total cost of ownership through consolidated system management
  • Control access to configuration whilst allowing local users to make necessary changes by defining parameters of individual properties, revenue centres and specific job functions

Trusted security

  • Experience unsurpassed access control with operational, configuration and reporting privileges associated with user credentials
  • Spot unusual trends with easy-to-use loss prevention tools that sift through data for fast analysis

Unparalleled offline resiliency

  • Reduce downtime in the event of network connectivity issues as each individual terminal is capable of storing thousands of transactions in standalone mode
  • Lessen dependency on application servers by communicating directly with web services running at property level

Advanced reporting

  • Access actionable information in real time with an easy-to-use web-based reporting tool available anytime, anywhere
  • Make informed business decisions based on data interpreted by auditing and analysis tools

Powerful integration

  • Increase sales and guest satisfaction by leveraging new and innovative opportunities via web-based tools
  • Integrate Simphony with discrete business functions such as property management systems, gift cards, and credit card payments on an enterprise, property or revenue centre level

What is Simphony?

Simphony is the only true Enterprise point-of-sale solution in the world!

What does this mean?

Simphony is specifically designed to be . . .

  • Deployed across brands, timezones and even continents
  • Scaled to thousands of workstations
  • Capable of storing hundreds of transactions in stand alone mode
  • Centralised for configuration and reporting

How does Simphony work?

Simphony is built on a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA). . .

  • Consists of web based services that communicate with each other in order to deliver functionality that consolidates system management and provides full integration to disparate environments
  • Tools written to take advantage of the web services support integration to the various applications in use at the store level, in addition to the enterprise financial systems used to manage the entire business

Durable, reliable, long-lasting hardware

Oracle Hospitality offers a superior menu of integrated hardware solutions designed to enhance speedof-service, customer experience, staff productivity and overall efficiency; thereby producing a positive bottom line.

Oracle Hospitality Workstations

  • Oracle Hospitality Workstation 5A (WS5a) is specifically designed to operate in harsh kitchen and bar environments providing an easy to install, unobtrusive and adaptable point-of-sale terminal for your restaurant operations

Mobile Ordering Handhelds

  • From the outdoor pool deck to the coziest corner booth, the downstairs lounge to the rooftop bar, Oracle Hospitality handheld technology allows you to service your customers wherever they are enjoying your hospitality

Kitchen Display Systems

  • Mounted conveniently in your kitchen or food prep area, this intuitive, graphical software application displays information to manage kitchen efficiency, which drives customer satisfaction

Digital Menu Boards

  • Digital menu boards act like personalised tv channels; giving you the power and flexibility to reach consumers with customised and timely information at point-of-sale

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