WINPAC Hotel Communication Center System



WINPAC Hotel Communication Center System

The ever increasing demand for better guest service has brought forth the application of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) technology into the hospitality industry. CTI has made possible the setting up of a Communication Center in a hotel to ensure the best customer service and marketing leverage that will bring about a profitable operation.

concept is based on a requirement to centralize all guest related communications taking place throughout a hotel. The Guest Service Representative(GSR) can utilise the existing PC stations to assist in processing and managing all guests requirements in the appropriate language as effectively as possible. The system is decided to consolidate several Guest Service functions which will be attended to by a centralised group of GSRs who will respond to various tasks in a quick and effective manner.

Features and Functions of  WINPAC Hotel Communication Center System

Information Center

CCS provides instant information about incoming telephone calls. It incorporates a pool of information pertaining to the guests and the various services provided by the hotel.

User Friendly Design

CCS is intuitive and easy to learn. It is Window’s based and features on-screen instructions and on-line context-sensitive Help.

Multiple Tasking Guest Service Representatives

Multiple Tasking Guest Service Representatives handling calls will be able to provide multiple service functions guided by CCS to quickly respond to guests requests.

Reduce Overhead & Increase Efficiency

Consolidation of staff force and sharing of responsibilities.

Cost Saving from Manpower

CCS enables a hotel to centrally locate a group of GSR. Conversely a conventional system requires more manpower to provide the same level of service.

Intelligent Identification

An GSR identifies the guest as the call is being answered and therefore respond accordingly.

SMS Integration

CCS integrates with SMS system to provide prompt delivery of service requests.

One Call Center

Centralized internal and external communications.

Consolidation of Transactions

All incoming calls are captured in a centralized database. Management reports & statistics will be provided to enable the management to take action on critical matters.

Simplify Communication

Ease of communication with guests and hence improve guest service.

Human Skill & Technology

Improves guest services by merging personnel skills and technology.

Guest History

A database will be provided to keep guest history & preferences.