WINPAC Hotel Voice Mail System



WINPAC Hotel Voice Mail System

When a guest checks into the hotel, the guest is automatically assigned a personal Voice Mailbox for the duration of his stay
in the hotel. This Mailbox will provide a private and confidential messaging environment for the guest. All the recorded voice messages during his absence may be retrieved easily on one phone call from the guest room. Upon check out, the guest’s voice mailbox will be cleared automatically and all the unheard voice messages will be transferred to a temporary storage area.

The voice instructions can be in the language that the guest prefers as the VMS supports many languages.

Features and Functions WINPAC Hotel Voice Mail System

Personalized Guest Mailbox Greeting

The guest has the option to tecord a personalized greeting message. The calla! will hear this message if the guest telephone is engaged or not answered.

User Friendly Instructions – To Record A Message

Simple voice instructions. If the caller is using a non touch-tone telephone. the caller will be either transferred to the Hotel Operate! or allowed to leave a voice message

Automatic Message – Waiting Light Control

When a message is recorded, the VMS will turn on the message waiting light on the 100m telephone. The light will turn off once the message has been retrieved.

Retrieval of Voice Message – From Guest Room

The VMS detects which room phone is using the system and plays the respective voice message to the guest. No password is required

Remote Retrieval of Voice Message

Guest are able to tetrieve voice message anytime even if they are outside the hotel. Operator verifies the caller identity before allowing access to the voice mail services.

Notification By Paging/SMS

If this option is selected. VMS will text the guest’s pager/phone Whenever there is a new voice message in the mailbox.

Operator Assisted Message Retrieval

Guest can opt to have the operator assistance in retrieving theiv messages it they encounter difficulties.

User Defined Total Number of Messages

The hotel is able to set the total number of voice messages allocated to each guest and hotel staff.

User Defined Maximum Duration of Messages

The hotel is able to set the maximum duration of each voice message lot the guests and hotel staffs.

Record A Voice Memo For Distribution

This is an administration/staff feature. A voice MEMO can be recorded and distributed to multiple mailboxes within the same phone call.

Forwavd A Voice Message To Another User’s Mailbox

Another administration/staff feature. After listening to the voice message. the user is able to forward the voice message to one o: more maiboxes , within the same phone call